The Scots' Society of St Andrew, Bedford

Promoting Scottish culture, customs and traditions in and around Bedford


The Society was non-political and its aims were:

  • The promotion of the spirit of Scottish customs and culture.
  • The annual assembling of the members for the celebration of St Andrew’s Day (30th November).
  • The commemoration and exchange of Scottish memories and sentiments with fellow Scots at home and abroad.
  • The support of local or Scottish charities.

Membership was open to all admirers of Scotland, its history, literature, music and customs, upon payment of the annual subscription and having been proposed and seconded by an existing member.

The affairs of the Society were managed and directed by a committee consisting of: President; Vice- President; Junior Vice-President; Secretary; Treasurer and five members that were elected at the Annual General Meeting.


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Mr I Kirk (2015-2018)

Mr G Reed (2013-2015)

Mrs S Coles (2010-2013)

Mr R Buchanan (2007-2010)

Mrs N Barr (2004-2007)

Mr I Slatter (2001-2004)

Mr B Reid (1999-2001)

Mrs M Staddon (1998-1999)

Mr J Winter (1997-1998)

Mrs M Staddon (1994-1997)

Mrs H Watson (1992-1994)

Mr W Meek (1991-1992)

Mr B Reid (1988-1991)

Mr R Borland (1986-1988)

Mr W Booth (1984-1986)

Mr H Constable (1982-1984)

Mr D Irvine (1980-1982)

Mr N Ferguson (1978-1980)

Mrs N Guild (1976-1978)

Major J Kelly (1974-1976)

Mr J Singer (1971-1974)

Mr W Annan (1969-1971)

Reverend R Henderson-Begg (1966-1969)

Doctor HR Livingstone (1965-1966)

Reverend R Henderson-Begg (1962-1965)

Mr RF Harrow (1961-1962)

Mr WT Stewart (1960-1961)

Doctor WL Anderson (1959-1960)

Mr AM Pritchett (1958-1959)

Mr J Russell-Taylor (1957-1958)

Doctor CA Harvey (1956-1957)

Mr WT Stewart (1955-1956)

Doctor WL Anderson (1953-1955)

Doctor CA Harvey (1952-1953)

Mr W Sharp (1951-1952)

Captain LM Robertson (1949-1950)

Mr J Russell-Taylor (1948-1949)

Doctor CA Harvey (1947-1948)

Mr N Bell (1937-1938)

Mr J McNicholl-Gibson (1935-1936)

Mr A Matthews (1932-1933)

Doctor G Butters (1931-1932)