The Scots' Society of St Andrew, Bedford

Promoting Scottish culture, customs and traditions in and around Bedford

AGM 2017 Summary Report



Members will be pleased to note that three new committee members were elected to the committee at the AGM on Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

Long-term committee member Bob Buchanan stepped down from the committee after many years of committed service to The Scots' Society of St. Andrew, Bedford.

Committee members Katherine Binning and Ivan Boemer has also stepped down, creating a constitutional problem in that, if no new committee members were nominated and elected, there was a risk that the committee could not form a quorum and that Rule 18 of the constitution may have been invoked to wind up the Society.

The committee is therefore delighted to announce the election of three new committee members:

  • Jenny Briscoe
  • Stephen Doe
  • Thelma Nairn-Doe

For the full committee details visit the About page and the full AGM report will be published in due course.